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TrackYourSpot - a Phone App for Monitoring your Skin Spots

Skin cancer is a growing medical concern with rates of incidence increasing4. Fortunately, skin cancer1 is also easily treated if caught early. One key to early detection is knowing when one of your skin spots changes appearance2. But, most people find it hard to remember what a spot looked like a few months ago.

TrackYourSpot is the world's simplest Android smartphone app for helping you to keep track of your skin spots. You can:

That's all you need. Easy! Buy it here. (Android phones only).

Feedback/suggestions to the developers6 - note: we do not give advice about your spots5. If you are worried, see your doctor.
Simple system management actions.


  1. There are many different types of skin cancer. You probably have heard of malignant melanoma, which is a highly dangerous cancer and needs immediate treatment. Some cancers are slow growing and may not need treatment.
  2. There are many normal reasons why a spot might change appearance and a change does not mean cancer. Similarly, an existing spot could become cancerous without much change to its appearance.
  3. You should see your doctor if there is anything about a spot that worries you.
  4. Sun exposure is a major factor in skin cancer. Always use appropriate skin protection.
  5. The developers assume no liability for the use of the app nor any decisions that people make based on the use of the app.
  6. List of known app issues/problems.