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TrackYourSpot - a Phone App for Monitoring your Skin Spots

System Maintenance

There is one maintenance action. All you need to do is shown here:

  1. Delete old photos or spots: You might want to delete some spot photos because you don't need to monitor this spot anymore, or you need to save some phone memory. To do this, exit from the app, click on the phone's File Manager. For example, click on 'LG', click on 'File Manager'. Click on the 'Pictures' folder, then click on 'Track Your Spot'. There are 2 folders for the 'Back' and 'Front' of the body. Clicking one of these shows all body parts that have photos. Clicking on one of these shows the names of the spots that have photos. You can either delete the whole folder, or click on the folder and delete images. You can delete by, for example, holding down a touch until a deletion popup appears.

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