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TrackYourSpot - a Phone App for Monitoring your Skin Spots

Compare two photos of a spot

This screen helps you compare two pictures of a spot to see if there are any big changes. All you need to do is shown here:

  1. From the Home screen, click on the button labeled "COMPARE SPOTS" which is circled in red:
    Update Screen circled
  2. You'll see picture of the front of the body, with different colored parts. You can sweep the screen up to show the lower legs and feet. Or you can sweep the screen left to show the back of the body. Click on the body part where you have the spot that you want to compare. An example is circled in red:
    Front body Back body Body info
  3. After choosing the body area, you get to choose the spot from that area (in case you have more than one spot in that area). You see a screen like, this, and you click on the desired spot (for example, the spot circled in red):
    Compare Screen circled
  4. The next screen allows you to choose 2 views of the spot to compare. Click on the red circled button to choose the first view: Choose circled
  5. This presents a list of images that you have captured for the selected spot. Click on one of the images (for example, the circled one): Choose circled
  6. You now see the chosen spot, and can choose the second spot by clicking on the red circled button (left image). After you have chosen the second spot, you see the right image.
    Second choice Comparison
  7. If you want to do more cropping of the spot image, click on "EDIT LEFT SPOT" or "EDIT RIGHT SPOT" (red circles on left image). Here the left spot was selected, which shows you the image on the right. Note: you can increase the amount of cropping, but cannot undo any cropping. So, be sure before you have the right size before clicking the 'Crop' button (black circle on the right image). If you decide to not do any additional cropping, click the return arrow (green circle).
    Re-edit Re-crop action
  8. From this screen you can look at the two spots side-by-side:
  9. If you think that the spots have not changed much in appearance, then you can return the home screen by clicking the HOME button (black circle). If you are concerned about a change in the appearance of the spot, you can email a copy of the screen by clicking on EMAIL button (red circle). Note: there are many reasons why a spot may look different, including differences in cropping, differences in camera position when the photos were taken, changes of lighting when the photo was taken, suntans, and recent sun exposure. Many changes of appearance are normal. If you are concerned about a change in appearance, see your doctor.
  10. If you click the Email button, you see a screen like this:
    You can then Email the photos using the steps shown here.

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