Small skin spot image

TrackYourSpot - a Phone App for Monitoring your Skin Spots

Emailing photos of spots

This screen helps you email photos of a spot or two photos of the same spot, for example to your doctor. All you need to do is shown here:

  1. From either the New Spot, Update Spot or Compare Spots pages you can email a photo by clicking on the red circled button labeled "EMAIL". An example from the Update Spot function is seen here:
    Final capture screen
  2. This opens your phone's normal email screen. Select your favorite email app. For example, we have chosen Gmail (circled in black): Mailer selection screen
  3. You should see an email set up with the picture, the name and location of the spot, and a subject line that says "TrackYourSpot photo". Add the email destination in the red circled area and any notes at the black arrow and send in the normal way. You click in the text box (red circle) to pop up the keyboard and click Done (blue circle) to close the keybaord. When you want to email the image, click the button circled in green. Here we show what you would see with the Gmail app:
    Gmail setup screen
  4. You will then return to either the New Spot, Update Spot or Compare Spots page. Normally you will want to click the HOME arrow (red circle) to start a new task. An example from the Update Spot screen is shown here:
    Final capture screen

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